The Merimoi Press Blog Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Custom Wedding Invites

Step-by-Step Guide to Custom Wedding Invitations & Announcements

One of our main focuses here at Merimoi Press is designing and illustrating custom wedding stationery. We realize there are so many websites and companies out there to choose from when it comes to wedding invites and the options can sometimes be overwhelming (decision paralysis is real, we know). However, one thing that makes MP stand out from all of our competitors is our unique ability to capture that picture perfect image you already have of your big day in a modern and stylish way. Our custom or semi-custom wedding invitations and announcements are designed to match the wedding venue or wedding destination of your dreams while also including a custom illustrated portrait of you and your significant other. Curious how we do it? Check out our step-by-step guide below featuring the Braendal-Ohlhaver wedding.


Our Design Process

Step 1: Determine The Venue or Destination for Your Wedding

Most of our clients have selected their venue OR at the very least their wedding destination before reaching out to us. Once you've decided on your location (which might be the hardest step), it will be a lot easier for you to start visualizing what your day will look like and what details you'd like to have incorporated into your wedding invites or announcements.

Merimoi Press has a variety of backgrounds and venues to choose from within our Printed and Digital Semi-Custom suites; however, sometimes it's fun to create something fully custom with us, like our bride and groom, Eliza & Jayme. 

Jayme and Eliza are getting married at an incredibly beautiful location in Pennsylvania this fall (pandemic willing) and both had the idea to add a unique feature from their venue–an old flour mill from the 1700s–to the illustration for the wedding invites. They loved how it turned out, and so do we–so much so, we've decided to add it to our 2021 Semi-Custom Wedding collection as the PA Mills Suite.

Mill at Anselma Custom Wedding Invitation

Step 2: Connect with Us 

Eliza and Jayme found our work on Etsy and reached out to us directly to have a custom design created for their big day. Before getting started we learned a little about what they were looking for and how we could help. The best ways to reach us for inquiries are through our Contact Page on our website or by email at

Step 3: Provide Details about You and Your Day

Once a game plan is determined for the design and illustration, we collect a bit of visual information from you to help our team create the closest match to your wedding location and the couple. 

Typically a few photos are requested of the couple and of the location to be illustrated. 


Photo Examples of Custom Wedding Invitations for Mill at Anselma

We also request a script for the main invite and all auxiliary pieces (i.e. details card, rsvp card, etc) before getting started on the design. This can be sent over as a word document or can be embedded directly in a message or email to us. 

Step 4: Sit Back and Wait for the First Round of Design

After all design decisions have been made, information collected, and a deposit secured, the design process begins. A production timeline is provided to the clients to establish a schedule of when to expect updates from our team and when we expect to receive feedback from you. 

Step 5: Provide Feedback

Once the first round of design has been sent to the client, the client usually has several days to review and provide feedback.

Eliza and Jayme were overall happy with the first design, but did have a couple of small notes for our design team. They opted to have their guests RSVP online so wanted a "please RSVP by Sep. 18" added to the bottom of the invite. They also wanted to try a blue header to match closer to the "color scheme" of their wedding. 

After the notes are received by our design time, we get right to work making any requested updates.

Step: 6: Repeat Steps 4 and 5

The client and the design team will go back and forth until the final design is approved and ready for print. Although we want to make sure your design is absolutely perfect, there is a limitation on how many rounds of design are included in the agreed upon cost. Make sure to review our contract so you know how many rounds of design you can expect to receive.

Step-by-Step Guide to Custom Illustrated Wedding Invitations 

Step 7: Time to Print

Once the design has been approved, the files are prepped for printing. We do recommend having your wedding invites professionally printed by our amazing team. This way you have someone checking every card to make sure it looks absolutely perfect before you send it out to your guests. It also eliminates the process of selecting paper/finding a printer to use. However, we realize professional printing might not always be in the budget which is why Merimoi Press offers Digital Semi-Custom Wedding Suites and Digital Custom Wedding Suites. If you'd prefer to go the self-printing route, our team will send you over a printer PDF matching the specifications of your printer. If you're having us print the invites for you, we'll ship the invites directly to you as soon as they are ready.

Step 8: Mail out Your Invitations or Announcements

The last step is to assemble and mail out your unique and custom wedding invitations! We can make this process even easier for you by printing your guests' addresses and your return address directly on your envelopes. Be sure to check out our envelope printing options, if this is something you'd be interested in. Trust us, you'll thank us for shortening that ever-growing To Do List.

Step 9:  Let the Compliments Keep Rolling In

Your guests are going to love receiving invites that are so unique and personal to you and your special day! Let us know what you think and what your guests think of your unique custom illustrated wedding invitations in the comments below. We can't wait to hear from you!


August 26, 2021 — Laura Mitchell
Top Ten Ways to Save on Custom Wedding Invitations

Top Ten Ways to Save on Custom Wedding Invitations

It goes without saying, nothing about weddings are cheap! In fact, it seems like the entire wedding industry gets more and more expensive each year. Fortunately, at Merimoi Press, we understand the importance of sticking to a budget. Our brides and grooms depend on us to provide affordable yet high-quality options when it comes to personalized wedding invitations, which is why we've put together ten tips on how to cut costs but still have the custom wedding invites of your dreams.

1.) Choose a More Affordable Paper Option

    There are so many possibilities when it comes to paper for wedding stationery–which it what makes stationery so fun and exciting, right? Color, texture, stock, weight, and coating all play a role in the look and feel of your invites. One way to cut back on costs is to choose a paper stock and weight that falls more into the "middle-of-the-road category." We wouldn't recommend going below a 80# cover, simply for the sake of durability. However, 80# cover tends to be much more affordable than say 150# cover. Always ask your designer or printer for samples before moving forward. This way you know what the weight and stock look and feel like before having everything printed. Take a look at our standard paper samples for an example of nice, durable paper.

    2.) Stick with Digital Printing

    Like paper, there are so many printing techniques out there that directly impact the cost of your wedding stationery. As beautiful as gold-foil and letter press can be, they can also be expensive. Stick with digital printing and the overall cost will be much lower.

    3.) Skip the Embellishments

    When trying to stay within a designated budget, it's better to keep it simple. This means no wax seals, vellum jackets, or belly bands. We know, we know, those details really add to the overall design, but they also really add to that bottom line. In this case, think less is more!

    4.) Choose a Semi-Custom Template

    Another great way to reduce your stationery expenses is to choose a templated design. Merimoi Press has several Printed Semi-Custom Templates and Digital Semi-Custom Templates to choose from. The background is templated, but the couple is still custom illustrated to match the look of the soon-to-be Mr. or Mrs. As always, the text can be modified upon request.


    Ten Tips to Cut Costs for Custom Wedding Invitations


    5.) Have Your Guests RSVP Online

    The less you have to print, the lower your overall cost will be. Many wedding websites have incorporated the option to have your guests RSVP directly on your wedding website. There are even ways to have your guests' meal preferences included within their digital RSVP. Merimoi Press allows you to completely itemize your order in the event you are not looking to have RSVPs designed or printed.

    Ten Tips to Cut Costs for Custom Wedding Invitations

    6.) Provide Your Guests with Details Online

    Just like RSVPing online, guests can go directly to your website for details. Just include a URL on your main invite and your guests will know where to go for more information.


    7.) Print the Invites Yourself

    We do recommend having your wedding invites professionally printed–whether that's with us or with an online printer of your choosing. This way you have someone checking every card to make sure it looks absolutely perfect before you send it out to your guests. It also eliminates the process of selecting paper/finding a printer to use. However, when you're in a pinch, there is always the option to print the invites yourself–just make sure to use a nicer printer and don't forget to check the ink! Merimoi Press does offer Digital Semi-Custom Wedding Suites, if you'd prefer to go the self-printing route. 

    8.) Go Black and White

    Black and White invites are simple, chic, and can be cheap! Depending on who is printing the invites, full color printing can be more expensive than black and white printing. Check with your printer to see if black and white printing makes more sense for the design you're using.

    9.) Order All at Once

    The cost per unit for most things tends to go down when ordering in bulk, printing is no exception. Order all of your items at once (and order extra for any last minute additions to the guest list) as this will keep your costs down. Not to mention, this could also keep shipping expenses down or totally eliminate the cost of shipping all together. Merimoi Press currently offers free shipping on orders above $100.

    10.) Choose Merimoi Press

    Okay, we're a bit biased, but it's true, working with our team of designers and print professionals will ultimately help you keep your budget in check AND provide you with the most unique and jaw-dropping custom wedding invitations! Head over to our contact page to connect with us today! We'd love to hear from you.

    We hope these tips helped and we look forward to possibly working with you! Let us know in the comments below if you have any other tips or questions on how to save on wedding invites! 

    Ten Tips to Cut Costs for Custom Wedding Invitations





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    • I started out designing and illustrating wedding invites for friends. After a few years of doing side work and with the encouragement of those close friends and family, I left my dream job (wouldn't be the first time...more on that later) and decided to take a leap of faith and start my own stationery and illustration company. Currently we specialize in custom illustrated paper products for all occasions including anything from wedding stationery to holiday cards to nursery art. Check out some of our latest products!

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